70 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012


Salt Av Jorden is translated as Salt of the Earth, which is exactly what Magnus Nilson is. A chef in Jarpen, Sweden, he reintroduces lost traditions in cooking in new ways. Salt Av Jorden is a pop-up restaurant tucked away in lower Manhattan, designed for Magnus to showcase his innovative cooking styles for one year. In this restaurant, the diner will be transported from the SoHo streets to a Swedish luxury dining experience.



Cellar Floor Plan 

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

First Floor Perspective

Second Floor Perspective

Third Floor Plan

Attic and Garden Floor Plan

Hearth Reception Desk

315 W Congress Street, Savannah, GA 31401


  "Radix" is the Latin word for roots; the beginning; origin of life. Like the roots of the Southern Live Oak, Radix will be a place for beginnings, where the user will spread their own roots to grow. Radix will keep the user grounded, while encouraging interaction and collaboration, correlating to the way the roots of the tree grow: shallow, overlapping and interlacing with each other underground. Though the trees begin small, they grow slowly, yet sweepingly with lifespans of over 1,000 years. To encourage this kind of wellness in the user, we have incorporated yoga practices to help to de-stress, as well as let the user focus on personal growth with slow, sweeping movements. There is also a gym to allow for aerobic exercise. These practices reflect on the importance of oxygen production and continued stimulation for increased productivity and growth.  



Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Section at the Stair 

Cafe Perspective

Second Cafe Perspective

Meditation and Yoga Room

Perspectibe at the Stair

Main Office Space 

Executive Suite Perspective

Conference Room Perspective

Form Space and Order, a class offered at SCAD


The folly was created in honor of the work done by Kara Walker. As her work focuses on slavery and discrimination created through the use of silhouettes, the folly takes it a step closer and makes the viewer part of the piece. After walking into the structure, the viewer sees the names of former slaves from Savannah, Georgia, carved into the stone, while the platform spins, casting the viewers own shadow across the site. Being apart of this sculpture, the viewer is placed in the position of the slave, spinning as the world rotates, while their shadows cast out of their control.

 Kara Walkers Work as Inspiration

Kara Walkers Work as Inspiration

 Kara Walkers Work as Inspiration

Kara Walkers Work as Inspiration

 Troupe Square, Site Inspiration

Troupe Square, Site Inspiration